The Best Stroller For Twins 2017 | Our Review of the City Select by Baby Jogger

There are a few essentials when you find out baby babies are coming. You need to start thinking about car seats. Can your car handle a seat directly behind both the driver and the passenger? You need to start thinking about cribs. Are the babies going to sleep in the same crib or not? You also need to start thinking about strollers, or prams if you fancy yourself a little more sophisticated, or carriages, or whatever you call them.

You see, there are some strollers out there that just aren’t cut out to handle your two new kiddos and so you need to seriously consider the different options available to you and what will work best for your family. There are plenty of great options out there, but because of the investment that these all require we want to be careful not to say too much about the ones we don’t personally use. We believe that it would be best to simply tell you what we love and what we don’t love about the one stroller that we ended up investing in for our twin boys. After two years of use, this stroller has remained solid, easy to maneuver, clean, and just an overall very good investment for our family.

While we researched, looked at, and used many, we came to the conclusion that the best stroller for us was the City Select by Baby Jogger. Let me share three reasons why.

  • Versatility
  • Build
  • Price


I’m going to start off with the most important thing in our opinion when it came to selecting the best stroller for twins. We needed something that would provide options- versatility- combinations. We wanted to pick a stroller that could handle infant car seats, bassinets, and also the regular stroller seats. In essence we wanted a stroller that could grow with our children and one day handle two 50 pound children riding in it if necessary.

The City Select provided that versatility that we were looking for. It offers parents 16 different seating combinations that allows you the flexibility you will need when your twins arrive. I think the easiest way to describe this versatility is to just show you. Take a look at these different seating arrangements.Best Stroller for Twins 2017

As you can see the City Select provides basically every seating arrangement you can think of, and believe me, we used pretty much every one of them. Although our boys have always for the most part been on one consistent schedule there were times when they were younger that one would fall asleep in the car seat on a short car ride and the other would not. In those instances it was helpful to transfer the car seat to the stroller via the attachments that Baby Jogger has and put the other one in the standard stroller seating. At other times, particularly as newborns and for the first six months we needed a stroller that could hold both infant car seats with no trouble. Not only can the City Select handle two infant car seats at one time, but it remains incredibly balanced and easy to push despite the added weight that infant seats add.

Looking for City Select Car Seat Adapters? We had Britax B-Safe car seats and the adapters were super easy to use.

Because of the many combinations the City Select is also a great option for families that have kids of differing ages. Baby Jogger sells a glide board for older kids that can still be used when the seats themselves are in use.


Second, to the versatility is the build of the stroller that set it apart from many of the strollers we tested. When we were looking for strollers one of the things that David was pretty set on was not having a side-by-side stroller. And believe me, I’m glad he felt this way because I really don’t know how side-by-sides get through stores crowded spaces.

The City Select stroller is the same width as any standard single stroller on the market today. With this reduced footprint it allows you to get through almost any aisle in any store without taking up the entire section. Even with this narrow base it remains incredibly balanced so that it never seems like it’s going to tip even when going on uneven sidewalks.

In addition to the footprint, the actual chassis (frame) of the stroller is lightweight and durable and comes in silver or in black.


The City Select includes several really great features built-into its design including a hand operated brake for parking the stroller, UPF50+ sunshades, a large storage compartment, Never flat wheels, Front-swivel wheels, and a telescoping handlebar.

The seats themselves have multiple, lockable seating angles including completely horizontal, and also adjustable footrests which was especially helpful to make our little guys more comfortable when their legs were shorter.

Overall, every feature that we felt we really wanted was included in this stroller. There were a few on other models that were neat, but really we didn’t find them essential to our family’s needs.


Finally, we went with the City Select by Baby Jogger because of the price. Now I recognize some of you reading this are probably like, “What!? It’s $700. How’s that a good deal?” And I understand, that’s a pretty big investment to make. But when we took into consideration how much use this one item was going to get and what we needed to get out of it, the price tag started to justify itself. And again, I’ll say that over a 2 year period, we really do believe that it has paid off.

Once you factor in the car seat adapters and a “stroller fanny pack” to connect to the handlebar, I believe the total investment in the City Select was $775 (keep in mind this was 2015). When you compare it to other luxury baby brands you will actually find that that number is considerably average or below average. Take for instance the UppaBaby Vista, another tremendous stroller. With the adapters necessary for that model you can expect to pay over $1,000. And so, we considered it a great price.


What We Don’t Like About the City Select by Baby Jogger

So those are all of the many positives about our stroller. Like I’ve said, we definitely have used it hard and continue to get great use from it. But, we’d be wrong to not share one negative that we’ve consistently pointed out over the last two years. The one negative about the City Select is the lack of shocks or some type of larger suspension in the front wheels. While for the most part they get over debris or obstacles on the sidewalk, we do wish that they could handle a little bit more in terms of maneuverability over objects. This problem is more acutely felt when you have two larger riders as more weight is placed over the front wheels and so this is something that all twin parents should certainly take into consideration.

Outside of that one caveat we find great reason to recommend this stroller to you if you are expecting twins in the near future. We really believe you won’t be disappointed.

Buy the City Select here.

Other Option

We wanted to just mention one more stroller we think you should at least check out. We’ve never used it personally so take care to do your own research, but it looks amazing. Check out the Austlen Entourage. It has a really unique, fresh design that could be helpful to many.

best twin stroller city select



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