Here’s Why We’re Amazon Affiliates and Why You Should Be Too!

It’s no secret that we are part of the Amazon Affiliates program. I mean, after all, you see this type of disclosure everywhere on our site:

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

I want to explain why we participate in this program and why I think that should excite YOU!

When we started This Polk Home it was so that we could share some of the tips that have helped us to build multiple successful businesses, pay off our debt, save money, and survive the first year of raising twins. This will always be a passion of ours and doing this takes lots of time. Between creating new content and putting it out there for your consumption it also takes money.

One of the best ways for bloggers to offset their costs and maybe even make a profit is by affiliate marketing. We knew this going in and we also knew that Amazon provided bloggers access to there program relatively easily. Consider how incredible that is.

A brand new website having complete access to the world’s largest online retailer in order to link to products that their website’s users will find profitable– what an opportunity! And that it is. You can just google a little bit about this amazing program and find bloggers who have been able to leave their normal day job because of it.

Now, we’re not expecting anything like that, but we love the prospect of keeping the cost of this blog at zero while connecting others with things they’ll find useful.

At the same time though, we share this because this is something that should excite YOU! Why? Because if you have never heard about the Amazon Affiliate world and you have a website then you’re missing out. Maybe this is the start of something new and rewarding for you.

I’d encourage you to drop everything you’re doing right now and read this post over at Shout Me Loud. (If we’re telling you to drop everything and leave our site you know it must be a big deal!)

Author: The Morses

As a family we've paid off thousands of school debt in under 5 years, started multiple businesses, and survived (and loved) two years of parenting twins. Join us on the ride. We also want to let you know that the posts we share may include affiliate links which means we may get a percentage of any purchase that's made. Don't know much about this? We think you should so take a look around and find out how you can start a blog and make money too!

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