About Us

We grew up just a few minutes apart from each other, started dating in high school, got married in college, and had twin boys a few years later. We’ve had a typical first six years as we’ve worked to pay off debt, start businesses, try out tons of side hustles, and attempt to figure out how to raise our twins, learning it’s all about grace. We’d love for you to join out community.

About Her

Hi! I’m Jaimee. I’m a work at home mom to #GusandBear and chief interior decorator at #Thispolkhome. I own two businesses in the wedding industry that I love and have had the privilege of being published in some of the top wedding publications in the country and have shot over 100 weddings. Check out my fine art wedding photography here. I’m also the founder and owner of The Heirloom Bouquet, a modern take on bridal bouquet preservation. If you know anyone who could use my services or would love this unique art piece I’d love for you to pass my name along. I enjoy spending time outdoors with our little family and having people into our home. Thanks so much for reading our blog!


About Him

Hey! I’m David. I’m a multi-potentialist, ENTJ with an insatiable desire to learn and then educate and serve others. I’m a five year insurance professional that has had the opportunity to serve the financial needs of thousands of clients. When I’m not at the 9-5 I have the opportunity to use my formal training in theology and business  to work part-time in our church. My passion is connecting the grace of Jesus to every day life- in marriage, family, vocation. The Gospel changes everything. I enjoy working with concrete and will be launching a small concrete business in the near future. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved learning about ways to save money and make extra income.In my spare time I love hiking with the fam and reading.

About the Boys

They’re cute. And dragons. And we love ’em.

About Sailor the Goldendoodle

He’s got a pretty cool story. We tell it here.


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